Shampoo Unscented

Treat your hair right with our shampoo bar.

Let’s talk about hair for just a moment – Mine is crazy! I have thick curly hair and I am prematurely gray. Talk about dry and frizzy – this shampoo is a God send. My hair is great – it curls well without looking like I stuck my finger in the closest socket. My dry itch scalp is loving the coconut oil and my grey’s are a nice shade of white – rather than the yellow that can happen. Win Win all around.

Our shampoo bar not only cleans your hair but it acts as a conditioner as well. Want to boost the shine to a blinding level? Follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse and shine bright like a diamond!

  • Made with 100% Pure Coconut Oil
  • Unscented for those with sensitive scalps
  • Cleans and conditions
  • No buildup!



Saponified Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Water. ( yes really that’s it! )

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