About Us

What if I told you that over 60% of everything that you put on your skin will end up in your blood stream?  Do you know what is in your soap?

Our soaps are made with 100% pure coconut oil

We only use therapeutic grade essential oils for scent and their holistic properties.

Each bar of soap has over an ounce of organic coconut milk and we use plant material to create beautiful colours and designs

The health of our environment is important to us. Our labels are made with recycled paper and are embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant our labels to grow food for your local bees!

L.A.M.A Soap Company prides itself on these three things.

  • We are completely all natural, vegan and cruelty free.
  • We are the most luxurious bar of soap that you will ever try
  • We will never compromise your health, the health of your family or the health of the environment to achieve those goals.


Simply put we are the most wholesome soap on the market.  L.A.M.A Soap company is a family owned and operated company. We are located in Fergus Ontario.

L.A.M.A believes in giving back! A portion of each sale is donated to the Kid’s Help Phone, helping Canadian youth since 1989.