All Natural. Luxury. No Compromise

At LAMA Soap Company we have a passion for soap. All of our products are handmade just for you while keeping our precious environment in mind. We take the time to source high quality ingredients blending them to make one of the very best all natural luxurious creamy soaps.

We pride ourselves on being palm oil free for the sake of a better environment and the health of all generations of species to come. We take the environment very seriously, our packaging when planted turns into flowers – food for bees and butterflies!

Anise & Orange: An absolute showstopper containing red and black licorice, with a hint of orange and topped with star anise seed pod.

Black Beauty: Coconut oil, shea butter and black walnut oil. Activated Charcoal,Zinc Oxide and Oatmeal.

Shampoo: This is the soap that started it all! Our 100% coconut oil shampoo bar is so kind to your hair, you will wonder what you ever did without it.

Charcoal Rose: Activated charcoal has amazing benefits for your skin. Helping with acne, drawing out toxins to working a double shift acting as an exfoliant.

Cowboy Cologne: Cinnamon, Clove and a touch of Orange. Made with 100% pure cocoa powder from France.

Unscented Shampoo: Cleans and conditions in one step. Stop covering your hair in silicone’s and let your true beauty shine through!

Hippy Dippy: Swirls Purple, Yellow, Pink & Purple are a treat for the eyes! Blended Lavender, Orange, Bergamot and Patchouli.

Lavender: A traditional soap with a modern flair. Swirls of purple from Alkanet stand bold against a perfectly white background.

Lemon Poppyseed: Bright and fresh! Coloured with Annatto seeds this soap is so happy looking, poppy seeds are suspended throughout to scrub!

Neem: Neem oil is believed to be one of the best oils to put on your skin! Helps with acne, fine lines and age spots, exzema and dryness.

Budapest: Inspired by Hungary. Sweet Fennel, rose geranium oil and chamomile. There are swirls of paprika and spirulina.

Double Mint: Peppermint, spearmint, aloe juice and cucumber. Coloured with spirulina which is high in protein, antioxidants and B vitamins!

The Sicilian: Lemons, bright bergamot, ground almonds fresh basil. Almond flour acts as a gentle exfoliant. Topped with a beautiful slice of organic lemon.

Voyageur: Scented in Lemon Eucalyptus which helps deter bug bites, this soap is great for the outdoor lover. Contains rosemary powder and kelp.

Tea Tree & Rosemary: Tea Tree is used to clean and heal skin. Rosemary oil is used to help rejuvenate skin. Swirls of pirulina and annatto seeds.

Plain Jane: Soothe your skin with our unscented double coconut milk soap. The lather is rich and thick thanks to the double shot of coconut milk!

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